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Dated this 25th day of June, 2017
HCRCC bylaws 


1. Members and visitors are encouraged to park in assigned areas to avoid congestion and blocking runways.  Trailers should not be 
parked next to the shelters.

2. An engine run-in table is provided on the north end of the field for this purpose and members are encouraged to use this table for any 
extended engine runs. 

3. Spectators are welcome at the flying site and should be shown the courtesy their interest warrants.  The following rules apply:

a. Spectators should remain in assigned areas unless invited into pit area by a member;

b. All children must be accompanied by, and be under direct supervision of, an adult.


These are the rules for safe operating practices at the Henry County RC Club, and must be followed at all times!

1. When arriving at the flying field and before any RC activity is started, the frequency board and fire extinguisher storage box should be 
unlocked and a fire extinguisher removed and placed in an area to make it immediately available for use.

2. Our flying field is built on an old landfill and is subject to generation of methane and other flammable gas products. No smoking or open 
flame is allowed between the tree line to the south and the recycling center to the north. An outdoor cooking grill is authorized on the 
pavement, outside the sheds.

3. When operating on other than 2.4 GHz, your transmitter/transmitters are not to be turned on without first clearing your frequency and 
placing your AMA club membership card in the proper slot in the frequency board. It is also a good idea to find out what other fliers' are 
not using 2.4GHz, what frequency they are operating on and let them know what frequency you will be using. NO AMA CARD - NO FLY.

a. All transmitters (other than 2.4GHz) must be "aircraft only" frequencies and should have the channel number flag on the transmitter or 
on the pilot worn in a visible manner. NO FLAG/FREQUENCY PIN - NO FLY!

b. All transmitters and receivers must meet all current AMA and FCC regulations.

c. The Henry County Parks and Recreation Department requires that the club provide them with the number of members and guests that 
use the flying field each month.  Therefore, club members and guests visiting the field shall sign-in on the “Sign-In Sheet” each time they 
visit the field regardless of whether they intend to fly or not.

4. All engines shall be equipped with an approved muffler in good condition.

5. Pilots taxiing airplanes shall use extreme caution to make certain that their airplane does not present a hazard to other 
pilots/spectators. Taxiing airplanes shall be limited to the area from the engine starting tables/positions past the pilots flying stations and 
parallel to the runway until entering the runway. When exiting the active runway, engines shall be shut down not later than the time the 
airplane reaches the blue setup tables. 

6. The first pilot to enter the runway designates the active runway.

a. The active runway shall be the runway into (AGAINST) the prevailing wind or closest to it.

b. Pilots that encounter an emergency, such as radio interference, dead stick, etc., and wish to land, must state their situation in a loud 
voice to obtain priority for landing.

c. Direction of the active runway may be changed by a unanimous agreement of all fliers currently in the air during a change in wind 

7. All pilots with planes in the pattern will stand in the pilot’s flight station area. Although the club may install more than four pilot stations 
on the field, a maximum of 4 planes are allowed in the pattern at one time.  Two additional sailplanes may operate at altitude above the 
pattern and two additional helicopters/drones/park flyers may operate in the heli-area.  However, if a sailplane or helicopter/drone/park 
flyer will occupy a position in the pattern, that pilot must fly from one of the four allowed pilot positions.   

8. The areas west of the flight line, over or near the Recycling Center and south of the entry gate fence line are considered NO FLY 
ZONES. In addition, on days wherein the Henry County Parks and Recreation Department is occupying the Red Hawk Baseball Complex 
fields, pilots will make every effort to strictly fly north of our main gate fence area and anyone flying over the ball fields will be considered 
to have committed a serious violation and will be considered for expulsion from the club.  Low passes are not allowed toward the infield, 
the shelters or any of the areas west of the pilots stations. RC Pilots should always be aware of low flying full scale aircraft. If a full scale 
aircraft approaches the field all model aircraft should immediately descend below the altitude that might interfere with the full scale plane's 
flight path.

9. The field is to be used for radio controlled fixed wing and rotary wing/drone aircraft only. No other RC operation including turbine power 
is allowed.

I0. No one shall be allowed to fly from the Red Hawk Field without AMA membership! NO Exceptions You must have your club membership 
card in the correct frequency board slot before turning on your transmitter – including 2.4 GHz transmitters.

11. Members may invite guests to fly at the club field. Each guest may fly no more than 3 days per year without joining the club. Any other 
circumstances must have the consent of three Club officers. Members are fully responsible for the actions of their guests. Violations of 
Rules by guests will be considered as violations by the member. Guests will use their AMA cards in the frequency board to identify their 
frequency. A member inviting a guest to fly must be with the guest at all times.

12. Visitors and spectators are not allowed in the infield beyond the blue assembly table area without escort of a club member. All pets 
brought to the field must be kept in the vehicle, on a leash or restrained by the owner when outside the vehicle. No pets are allowed on 
the flight line.

13. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the field and pilots must not consume alcoholic beverages prior to or during participation in 
any model operations.

14. Any person that flies solo must have passed the LEVEL 2 (green sticker) requirement of the Proficiency Program or have an instructor 
present. The purpose of the Proficiency program is to provide the novice with adequate instruction to enable him or her to understand the 
rules and guidelines of The Club and fly a radio-controlled aircraft in a safe and controlled manner. (See Article 5 – Proficiency Program) 

15. Gliders using a "High start" may only be used when powered aircraft are not in the air.

16. All aircraft shall be flown in accordance with AMA safety requirements, including the requirement that AMA number or name and 
address be attached to the aircraft.

17. A range check shall be performed prior to flight on all new aircraft prior to the first flight, on all aircraft that have experienced 
significant repairs, and on each aircraft that has not flown in the most recent 60 days.   

18. All new or recently repaired aircraft shall be preflight inspected prior to flight. It is recommended that the Safety Officer or a level 3 
pilot (red sticker) examine the plane prior to its maiden or next flight.

19. The Safety Officer is responsible for monitoring members' conformance to the flying field regulations. However, all members are 
responsible to insure that members and guests follow the field rules, operate safely and extend courtesy to other members and guests. All 
club officers are given the authority to ground any pilot for violation of the AMA Safety Code and repeated flying past the field flying 
boundaries – especially on “Game Days”.

20. A collection overflow device is recommended to be used when fueling aircraft to minimize spillage of fuel on the tables and/or the 

21. Flying is not allowed while the runway and/or the infield is being mowed.

22. No trash of any kind should be left at the field.  Please use the dumpster just outside the gate for larger trash items.

23. Obscene language will not be allowed. Offenders will be given one warning and then asked to leave upon continuation of such 

24. No flying is allowed during club meetings, maintenance of field or during controlled non-flying events.

Any type of flying that endangers people at the field will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of every member to follow and enforce 
these rules.

Don't hesitate to remind any violator of their obligation to follow the above rules.



1. For the remainder of 2017, membership dues shall be seventy-five ($75.00) dollars per year for adult members over eighteen (18) 
years of age.  The 2018 membership dues will be raised to $100.00 and the additional funds shall be used for the repair of the paved 
runway and for other improvements designated by the club officers.  

Junior members' (ages 18 years and under) dues shall be fifteen ($15.00) dollars per year. Family membership (adult and/or spouse 
and/or child/children under age 19) dues will remain at $100 per year.

2. Dues must be paid in advance, annually, and are due on or before January 1st, of the calendar year for which dues are being paid. 
Dues will be accepted November through December. Any member choosing not to renew membership will be dropped from The Club 
roster and will forfeit all club privileges effective January 1st of the new year.

3. Junior members moving to adult membership during the calendar year will not be assessed any additional dues.

4. No special assessments shall be levied upon The Club membership without a meeting being called for the purpose of discussion and 
an affirmative vote by two-thirds (2/3) of the membership present. All active club members are to be notified at least one month in advance 
of this meeting.

5. At the October business meeting the dues and fees for the coming year will be discussed and ratified as currently written or amended 
by 2/3 vote of the membership present. 

6. Also at the October business meeting the club size will be discussed and if any restrictions are deemed necessary, they will come in the 
form of an amendment. Such amendment shall require a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the membership present to be ratified. If The Club should 
decide at some point to limit the total membership, no active member may be dropped from the rolls except for non-payment of club dues.

7. Any non-member who holds a flying permit from the Henry County Parks Department must abide by all bylaws that affect club members 
including AMA membership.

8. New members joining prior to November 1st will pay the entire annual membership. New members joining after November 1st will be 
charged $45.00 for the remainder of the calendar year. The definition of a new member is; one that has never been a member of The 
Club or has been a non-member for at least seven hundred and twenty days (720) days.



The purpose of this Disciplinary Action section is to provide the "Henry County RC Club" a process to assure that members and non-
members comply with rules affecting conduct at the Club flying field and at any event or activity conducted by the "Henry County RC 
Club." These standing rules and bylaws are intended to provide for the safety and protection of club members, guests, and the public, via 
this process to assure members are in compliance is needed.


When a member is in violation of standing rules affecting conduct, whether flying or non-flying, The Club's officers have the authority to 
notify the member of the violation in person and then in writing. After the initial notice, if violation of standing rules continues (within 30/60 
days), The Club's officers will have the authority to revoke the member's membership and refund the member's dues for the current year, 
pro-rated by the number of months elapsed/remaining in the calendar year.

When a non-member, who holds a flying permit from the Henry County Parks Department, is in violation of standing rules affecting 
conduct, whether flying or non-flying, The Club's officers have the authority to notify the non-member and the Henry County Parks 
Department of the violation in writing. After the initial notice, if violation of standing rules continues, The Club's officers have the authority 
to request that Henry County Parks Department revoke the non-member's flying permit.


The Club's officers plus two (2) Level 3 (red sticker) non-officer members will determine whether a person is in violation of standing rules 
or will substantiate a report of a violation. The Club's officers will determine if violations are deemed continued or habitual. If disregard for 
standing club, county or safety rules continues - after a written notice, The Club's officers, at their discretion will assess the severity of any 
reported violation and determine when to exercise the authority provided by this article.


GENERAL for Fixed Wing Aircraft:
There shall be three recognized proficiency levels for pilots
Level One   -  (yellow sticker) The Novice – A student pilot under the instruction of a qualified pilot who has not yet demonstrated the skills 
needed for Level II flight.
Level Two   -  (green sticker) a pilot who has demonstrated the skills described in level two below
Level Three – (red sticker) an experienced pilot who has demonstrated both skills in excess of the level two performance and also has 
shown the ability to work with other pilots working towards self-improvement.  He/she also has shown the ability to apply the additional 
skills needed to fly a different airplane to the Level II pilot and can help develop those new skills prior to turning the level II pilot lose with 
the new higher performance airplane.       

1. Only members with a Level 2 (green or red sticker) or higher rating will be allowed to fly solo.

2. A Level One Novice (yellow sticker) must have a Level 2 (green or red sticker) or higher member present with him/her in the Pilot 
Station to be allowed to fly.

3. A Novice can be advanced to Level 2 (green sticker) by any Level 3 (red sticker) member.

4. It will be the airplane owners' responsibility to assure that the aircraft is in good flying condition.


LEVEL  l - "NOVICE" (yellow sticker)

Any person (member or guest) who has not yet demonstrated the skills necessary to qualify for Level 2 status.  

NOTE: An Instructor is not financially responsible for a student's aircraft in any case of damage or a crash.

LEVEL 2-"PILOT"  (green sticker) -    To attain a Level 2 Pilot rating a novice or guest must:

1. Perform a preflight check of aircraft and radio equipment.

2. Demonstrate proper field behavior concerning flying boundaries and courtesy, infield rules, conduct and use of the frequency pin 
board.  Be able to explain the difference between “Game Day” and non-game day regulations.

3. Prepare aircraft for flight and start/tune engine.

4. Perform an unassisted takeoff in both directions.

5. Exhibit controlled flight by a series of left and right turns and horizontal eights with attitude and altitude control.

6. Perform 4 controlled landings. Two from each direction

7. Exhibit controlled flight during a simulated dead-stick landing approach. (Observer has novice bring engine to idle and Novice Pilot must 
make a safe approach to runway - power can be applied before a landing is made)

It is recommended that all new Level 2 Pilots use an observer during the first 30 days following certification.

Flyers upgrading to Level 2 (green sticker) must pass that grade level by his instructor and then be recommended to a level 3 Pilot (red 



HCRCC constitution 

Henry County RC Club



The name of this club shall be the "Henry County RC Club," hereby referred to as "The Club." The Club shall be operated as a non-profit 


Section I. The objective of The Club shall be to promote the building and flying of radio controlled model aircraft in this county and to aid 
the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), with their continual advancement of model aviation within the United States.

Section 2. All special or local enterprises of The Club shall conform to the policies of the AMA and to the regulations of that organization, 
which govern the operation of model aircraft.

Section 3. The Club shall function within the guidelines set forth by Henry County, Georgia. These guidelines, if any, will be displayed in a 
public venue within the air-park


Section 1. Membership is open to persons of any age and is classified as follows:

A. Adult - Age 19 and over 

(I) Non-flying - members who do not have authorization to fly 

(2) Provisional flying - members who can fly under certain conditions 

(3) Full flying - members who have attained level 2, (green sticker)  "Pilot", in the Proficiency Program, have AMA membership and no 
disciplinary actions pending.

B. Junior - Age 18 and under

(1) Non-flying - members who do not have authorization to fly

(2) Provisional flying - members who can fly under certain conditions

(3) Full flying - members who have attained lever 2, "Pilot", in the Proficiency Program, have AMA membership and no disciplinary actions 
pending. Club membership ends each year on December 31th regardless of the date a membership application is received. 

Section 2.  The determination of the amount of club dues for the succeeding year shall be by the majority vote of the membership upon 
the recommendation of the Executive Board, at a time no later than the October meeting of the current year.

Section 3. The Secretary will maintain a list of club members and respective membership classifications, showing dues status.

Section 4. Application for membership shall be made on a form provided by The Club officers.


Section 1. The elected officers of The Club are the Executive Board. This board shall formulate the general policies of the Club and shall 
act on all necessary matters of business in the interim period between meetings of the Club. The Executive Board shall fill any club office 
vacancy by appointment until the next regular election. This Board shall meet quarterly. The President can call additional meetings. Three 
members of the Executive Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. This board will approve The Clubs annual 
budget during the first month of the calendar year.

Section 2. All officers of The Club shall serve one year from the date of installation, except officers appointed mid-term to fill a vacancy, 
who shall serve until the end of the term for which his/her predecessor was elected.


Section 3. The election of officers shall be held annually and this election shall take place during the month of November and the results 
announced at the regular December meeting. They shall be installed during the first meeting in January of the following year. The election 
of officers shall be by a majority of the members voting via an official ballot provided by the club through email or by a hard copy ballot 
available to members at the flying field.  

Section 4. Nominations for officers are solicited from August to October. During October's meeting, all nominations for officers will be 
stated and published for review. A vote will be taken during the month of November.

Section 5. Compensation for the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Safety Officer, Field Chairperson, Events 
Coordinator, Newsletter Editor and Web Master shall consist of free club membership for the year in which service is rendered.

Section 6. The Executive Board will designate a registered agent and registered office for service of legal process. This designation, 
along with the CEO (President), CFO (Treasurer) and Secretary will be filed with the Georgia Secretary of State as required by the 
Corporate Filing Division of the Georgia Secretary of State. In the event the Executive Board fails to designate a registered agent or the 
registered agent resigns prior to the annual registration of The Club, then the President of The Club and the President's address will be 
filed with the Georgia Secretary of State as the registered agent.

Section 7. The Club may indemnify an Executive Board member who, in conjunction with his or her position as an officer of The Club, 
becomes a party of a proceeding in which he or she is found liable to pay a judgment, settlement, penalty, tax, fees, or fine. In that event 
the Executive Board member must be found to have: A. Conducted himself or herself in good faith and had a reasonable belief that 
he/she was acting in the best interest of The Club;

B. Had no reasonable cause to believe that such conduct was unlawful if the matter involves a criminal proceeding.


Section 1. President. The President shall preside at all meetings, shall appoint Special Committees as necessary for the proper conduct of 
business of The Club, and shall serve as ex-officio of each. The president is responsible for presiding over the Executive Board. The 
President has the authority to act on behalf of any officer on the Executive Board. The President will serve as the primary contact with 
municipal officials as needed to conduct the business of The Club.



Section 2. Vice President. The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President and shall assume the duties and 
responsibilities of the office of President in the event the President is no longer available to fulfill those duties and responsibilities. The 
Vice President is responsible for meeting with the contest/event directors to ensure smooth execution of club events. The Vice President 
is responsible for the participation and approval of all public relation activities that may impact The Club. The Vice President will have 
knowledge of appropriate public officials to contact if the President is unable to serve as this contact.

Section 3, Secretary. The Secretary shall keep the minutes and attendance records of meetings. The Secretary shall notify all Chairmen 
of their appointments and shall conduct such correspondence as may be delegated to the office. The Secretary is responsible for 
coordinating the efforts of the newsletter editor and club's webmaster. The Secretary will periodically post a current listing of the 

Section 4. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall be custodian of all funds, and shall maintain such funds and make such payments as are 
authorized by The Club and its officers. The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of receipts, and expenditures, and shall submit an 
annual financial report for audit by the Executive Board at the end of each year. The Treasurer shall submit an annual budget report to be 
reviewed by the Executive Board at the beginning of each year. The Treasurer is authorized to receive contributions or specially obtained 
funds from each individual or institution to be applied to the operating expenses of The Club.

Section 5. Field Chairperson, The Field Chairperson will be responsible for flying field development and maintenance. The Field 
Chairperson will be responsible for all club work days and will communicate these scheduled days to the webmaster, newsletter editor, and

secretary. The Field Chairperson is also responsible to:

A. Supervise field layout--parking, flight line

B. Greet new people at the field; explain the sport and how to become involved in the hobby

C. Know the location of nearest hospital and police department

D, Know location of field fire extinguisher

E. Supervise field maintenance crew

F. Know first aid techniques and location of first aid kit

G. Approve the erection of all signs prior to publication or posting

H. Delegate and/or carry out field clean up (litter, etc.)

I. Make presentations to club at open meetings regarding field issues

Section 6. Safety Officer. The Safety Officer has the following duties:

A. Pre-flight inspection of new and repaired aircraft

B. Education of club members in the safety rules of The Club and AMA

C. Analysis of causes for any crash, pilot error included

D. Preparation of club field rules

E. Enforcement of AMA Safety Code

F. Authority to prevent individual fliers from flying if their conduct or aircraft is not suitable

G. Supervision of spectator areas

H. Supervision of flight line and frequency control

I. Know address and shortest route to hospital, police, and fire department

J. Location of field fire extinguisher 

K. Names of persons qualified in first aid, including CPR



Section 1. The Club shall hold regular meetings on the last Saturday of each month and at other times as called by the Executive Board. 
The Club Officers, at regular business meetings, shall direct all regular business affairs and enterprises of The Club. All meetings shall be 
conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order, unless otherwise provided in the Constitution and Bylaws.

Section 2. Special meetings of The Club shall be at a convenient time, called by the President or the Vice President, and convened with 
any ten (10) members of The Club present.

Section3.  Any member of the Executive Board may cancel a regular meeting by phone, email or by mail

The Club membership shall be notified by mail, email, website or by regular newsletter of the annual election of officers during the month 
of November.

Section 4. Every member has the responsibility and authority to ensure that all members and non-members follow The Club rules, Henry 
County rules, AMA rules and The Club Bylaws.


Section I. The Bylaws are the rules adopted by The Club for the government of its members and the regulation of its officers.


Section I. Amendments may be made to this Constitution and Bylaws. Any motion made that would alter or amend the Constitution and 
Bylaws must be submitted in writing at a general meeting of The Club. The motion will be printed verbatim in the newsletter following the 
meeting and voted on at the next meeting. Motion passage requires a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative vote of the membership submitting 
qualified votes. If unable to attend the scheduled meeting, members may vote by mail or email.  These votes must be received prior to the 
meeting at which the vote will be taken.

Section 2. The President of The Club will announce the results of the ballot after certification by five (5) active members of The Club. If the 
amendment passes with the required vote as outlined in Section 1 of this Article, it shall become effective on the first day of the following 
month. If the amendment fails, it shall not be re-introduced in the exact or similar form for sixty (60) days from the date of the meeting in 
which it was originally considered.

Section3. Amendments shall become a part of this original document and a copy of the same made available to The Club membership. 

Amended this 25th day of June, 2017 and placed in use on July 1, 2017.


James Brooks, Club President